The Laboratory


The analytical methods employed at POLLUCON are based on recognized and approved reference publications listed below:

  • IS- Indian Standard Methods.
  • APHA-AWWA-WPCF - "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater"
  • ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials.
  • US EPA.
  • Other recognized regulatory and industry sources.

Laboratory Organization And Management

The management at POLLUCON ensures that highly trained staff are available to handle all requests related to quality, turnaround time, sample handling.

Our goal is to provide the client with prompt service for all submitted samples, including rush requests. Our confidence in knowing that we can provide clients with high-quality service is based on our experience in handling large workloads and our maintenance of instrumentation to ensure our sample capacity is not exceeded.

Our laboratory ensures staff flexibility through the cross training of our personnel. The Organization Chart lists our core employees. The number of employees is adjusted to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in sample volumes.


Sample Management

Sample management procedures employed at POLLUCON incorporate adequate procedures for the security, receipt, identification, checking, routing, storage and disposal of all samples.

If for any reason sample integrity is questioned, clients are notified and corrective measures are taken.


Field Supplies

POLLUCON provides to its clients, at no additional cost, all appropriate field supplies. Clients may request field supplies via telephone, fax and e-mail. These supplies include:

  • Sample bottles, labels and preservatives
  • Travel and field blanks and matrix spikes if required
  • Sample collection and Handling instructions
  • Chain-of-custody forms
  • Ice packs and packing

Client Confidentiality

The data management procedures employed at POLLUCON incorporate adequate procedures for the security, recording, calculation, validation, authorization, transmittal, storage and disposal of all test data and related records.

All data is stored under key with access limited to authorized personnel only. A request by a client for access to their own records will not be unreasonably denied. Requests by a third party must be accompanied by written consent from the client.


The Client

Our clientele includes consulting engineers, private individuals, governments and industries. A brief list summarizing the type and nature of our clients follows:

Consulting Engineers

POLLUCON provides analytical services to numerous consulting engineers. Sample types range from groundwater and surface water monitoring of landfill sites, to water and soil samples for site decommissioning projects. All of these clients require timely, high quality results.

Local Bodies

POLLUCON provides analytical services to many cities, municipalities, townships and villages. Sample types include microbiological and chemical analysis of water, sewage, sludge and industrial waste effluent.

Center Pollution Control Board

POLLUCON done some project works for CPCB like Project on assessment of Cyanide Pollution Potential in Jari Industries in Surat City.


Waste Minimization facilitator.


Cleaner Production and Clean Technology Accessor under UNIDO World Bank Funding Program.