Our Mission

Quality Objectives

Our clientele includes consulting engineers, private individuals, governments and industries. A brief list summarizing the type and nature of our clients follows:

  • To ensure a Quality System that is documented and that incorporates adequate review, audit and internal quality control.
  • To ensure the personnel are adequately supervised and are proficient to carry out assigned activities.
  • To ensure test methods and related procedures are validated and incorporate adequate quality control.
  • To ensure all equipment, supplies and services are functioning properly and/or meet required specifications.
  • To ensure facilities are adequate to carry out the testing activity.
  • To ensure sample management procedures incorporate adequate measures for the security, receipt, identification, checking, routing, storage and disposal of all samples.
  • To ensure data management procedures incorporate adequate measures for the security, recording, calculation, validation, authorization, transmittal, storage and disposal of all test data.
  • To ensure workload management procedures incorporate acceptable holding time, turnaround time and verification of resource availability prior to the acceptance of additional testing.
  • To ensure that test results are supported by a traceable system of measurement.

Quality Program

The elements of Quality Control/Quality Assurance outlined in this report are consistently employed at POLLUCON and are described in detail in our Quality Assurance Manual. This document includes our QA policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for analysis methods and staff training protocols. The quality assurance objectives are translated into specific requirements for individual analyses and are written into all SOPs. Prior to beginning work using a given method, employees are instructed to read both the QA objectives and the relevant SOPs. Accompanied with hands-on training under the supervision of a senior analyst, the successful transfer of information is completed. Annual audits on technologists and analysts are performed to confirm compliance with SOP specifications.