Microbiological Training


Pollucon Training Center is a part of POLLUCON LABORATORIES PVT. LTD. which has achieved a position of eminence in the environmental field over the past 10 years. This Center has modern facilities, at par with international standards, with proximity and access to a World Class Laboratory equipped with sophisticated instrumentation, such as GC, AAS, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Laminar Air Flow, TCLP, Bomb calorimeter etc. The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are complemented by a team of well qualified and trained technocrats.

The prime objective of Pollucon Training Center is to provide building blocks to Managers, QA-QC personnel, Analytical Chemists, Student Community, etc., for achieving technical excellence through various training programs. This power of knowledge will empower them to progress further and scale higher in their careers. Already many corporate as well as academic institutions are benefiting from these programs.

Course Objectives

The 30 day microbiology training course is designed to give participants fundamental knowledge of Microbiology in form of theory and practical. The course covers clear and comprehensive understanding of fundamentals of microbiology and analysis of Drinking water for microbiological parameters as per standard requirements.

What You Will Take Home

  • Lecture notes in bound volume and / or CD.
  • Literature for various techniques / technical papers.
  • Laboratory demonstrations and actual witness to testing procedure.

Course Content

  • Introduction of Microbiology.
  • Introduction of all Laboratory Instruments.
    • Principal
    • Operation
    • Calibration
    • Safety
  • Laboratory demonstrations and actual witness to testing procedure.
  • Characterization of Microorganisms.
  • Technique for Isolation of pure culture.
  • Media Sterilization.
  • Media Preparation.
  • Inoculation Techniques.
  • Cultivation and Growth of Microorganisms.
  • Sampling, Preservation and Disposal of Microbiological samples
  • Microbiological Examination of Drinking water as per Indian Standard.
    • Coliforms - IS - 5401 ( part - 1 & 2 ) :2002
    • Faecal Coliforms - IS - 5401 (part - 1 & 2 ) : 2002
    • E. Coli - IS - 5887 (part - 1) - 1976
    • Total Bacterial Count - IS - 5402:2002
    • Yeast and Mould count - IS - 5403:1999
  • Room Sterilization Technique.